Hair Rebonding - Can You Do it at Home?

Get Silky Straight Hair At These 15 Hair Salons in Singapore That Offer  Rebonding!

If you are suffering from hair loss, then you may want to look into hair rebonding. There are a lot of people that have this problem and are looking for a way to treat it. There are a lot of misconceptions about hair rebonding. A lot of people just think that it is like hair coloring; however, it is not. Here is a simple definition of the process so that you can make an informed decision.

Hair rebonding, also known as chemical straightening treatment, is a chemical procedure that temporarily changes the texture and produces a straight, smoothed appearance. It is also sometimes referred to as temporary hair highlighting. Hair rebounding is usually performed by a certified cosmetologist in your local hair salon. It only lasts for about 2 weeks and there are no major side effects to using this product.

The process is very similar to permanent hair highlighting, but the difference is that instead of applying the hair coloring to your hair, you apply a hair rebonding product. First, you apply a chemical relaxant to your hair and then you use plastic boards to apply the relaxant. The chemical relaxant will temporarily open up your pores and change the texture of your hair. This allows the plastic boards to straighten your hair without applying color.

Some of the different types of hair rebonding products include: permanent wave, textured wave, flat iron, ceramic flat iron, textured ceramic flat iron, kinky hair rebonding, curly hair rebonding, and wavy hair rebonding. The flat iron hair rebonding will straighten your hair in three steps. First, the hair is first wet. Then you heat the hair with a flat iron. Finally, you use a thermal protector to keep the hair rebonding product from getting heated from the heat.

A textured keratin treatment has two steps to it. In step one, the hair is first wet. Then you use a high heat iron on the hair to smooth out the coarse to silky hair. Then you apply a moisturizer to seal in the moisture and protect the hair rebonding treatment from further heat damage.

I recommend trying the hair rebonding technique at home. If you are interested in having more bounce and less frizz, I would suggest going to a salon and getting some hot oil treatments. By getting hot oil treatments at a salon, you can get your hair smoothed out in only an hour at a salon and they usually give you very nice looking results!

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